The 3 common renovation mistakes include appliances, countertops and flooring.

Making choices that don't help to accomplish the 5 goals above is where sellers fail. Choosing cheap is money lost. Poor workmanship is money lost. Going too high end is money lost. Choosing wisely will help you accomplish your 5 goals and reap the rewards.


An error in judgement is to install low cost white appliances. Although they may be better than what was there previously, homebuyers will still be intent on replacing them. They are just plain ugly to the majority of buyers. It's likely the buyer will factor the cost of replacement into their decision which reduces their offer price.   

Solution: Choose good quality stainless steel appliances. They don't need to be top end, although they will cost more than those cheap plain white ones you will have accomplished what you set out to do which is to attract the buyer. This will work in your favour. Stainless steel appliances are what most buyers want, they are attracted to them. I never said that it was going to be logical.

If I could show you videos of buyers bee-lining for the stainless steel appliances and touching them you would understand. I've also seen someone hug a stainless steel fridge. Just ask anyone with stainless steel appliances how many finger prints they have to polish off their fridge after each showing.

As of today's date stainless steel is still a good bet. It will be a while until North America gets hooked on those coloured SMEG fridges.

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